Fees and limits

The essence of the CoinBight service is to provide the user with the functionality to create and manage cryptocurrency wallets, either by using a personal account on the CoinBight.com website or using the API interface. 

The service is created in such a way that each cryptocurrency wallet created in the account is an integral part of the user account. The user is provided with the following functionality:

- creating and deleting cryptocurrency wallets;

- creating unique addresses for adding funds to cryptocurrency wallet;

- creating transactions for sending cryptocurrency assets to addresses entered by the user.

Replenishment of your wallets is absolutely free and is not controlled by us. Any cryptocurrency wallet is replenished by creating a transaction ("incoming") from any service or cryptocurrency wallet to the address generated for your wallet.

As for the "outgoing" transactions, it should be noted that when you create such a transaction, its cost will include, in addition to the amount of sending funds, one or two additional fees described below.

1. Blockchain network fee

In almost all blockchain networks (such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc.), there is a mechanism for the formation of a special “miner” fee. This fee is mandatory and serves to ensure that your transaction has been successfully completed by the blockchain network. The fee formation is regulated by the operation of cryptocurrency network protocols and is not controlled by us in any way (except for choosing the priority of Bitcoin transactions, which affects the final fee cost).

It is impossible to calculate the final "miner" fee in advance (when using most cryptocurrencies). You can read more about the commission formation in the relevant sources (documentation, articles about the selected cryptocurrency).

2. CoinBight fee

When creating transactions using our service, we keep a fixed fee, the amount of which is calculated based on the amount of sent funds. This commission helps us maintain the service performance, make a profit, pay salary and expenses on the server infrastructure, as well as improve and develop the service.

Depending on which cryptocurrency is used, the amount of the CoinBight fee may vary. We try to maintain the commission amount at a minimum level (0.1-0.2%), however, we reserve the right to change it at our discretion.

We give a table indicating the amount of the CoinBight fees depending on the used cryptocurrency.

CoinBight fees rate

BTC / Bitcoin
BCH / Bitcoin Cash
BTG / Bitcoin Gold
LTC / Litecoin
XRP / Ripple