Cookies policy

Use of cookies

The website uses so-called cookies. Cookies – small files that are downloaded by a web browser on your computer and help ensure the full, normal and safe functioning of the website. They allow the site to function fully, as well as collect some information regarding the use of the site by the user.

We use two categories of cookies: 

- technical cookies, without which the full functionality of our site will significantly decrease or become impossible;

- third-party cookies.

Technical cookies

On the website, we use our technical cookies, which:

- allow the user to log in to the site and visit personal account;

- help change some settings of your personal account and the site as a whole (for example, the interface language);

- help to understand how to make our service more attractive and convenient for visitors;

- help to find out how long you’ve been looking at the page and which pages you visited.

Third-party cookies uses Google Analytics — a site analysis service by Google Inc. Based on your advance consent, Google will analyze how you use the website on our behalf.

We note that all cookies used do not contain any important and confidential information (keys, passwords, etc.), therefore, our use of these files does not compromise your data and everything related to your cryptocurrency wallets and API Keys.

You can disable cookies at any time or set up your web browser to alert you when such cookies are received. We note that in this case, some site functionality will become unavailable.

We respect the privacy rights of visitors and recognize the importance of protecting their personal data, therefore, any analysis of the information received is carried out on anonymous terms.